About Us

In a world of consumption where many things are mass produced we believe that what you choose to purchase and surround yourself with says as much about you as it does about your purchases. 

When you start to curate your own authentic lifestyle, your stories become richer, more adventurous, and more satisfying. There is great beauty in exploring the layers of meaning, history and connection between us. So we like to surround ourselves with the interesting, and the interested. The curious. The well-travelled. The passionate. The eccentric. The cheeky. And fun. Those who appreciate the luxury of time. The beauty of the handmade. And the subtlety of nature. That's who we are. 
Chapter one is all about the story of Australia's native botanicals, as originally found in iconic Australian locations. This story is being told through a range of luxurious handmade scented candles. The fragrance of each candle has complex layers of top, middle and base notes that highlight elements of Australian botanicals that are native to those locations.  We have started with a range that is all about the rich historical botanical diversity of Bondi and have expanded range to include our first Melbourne candle.  We're aiming to release our Uluru candle in late summer 2018.  Followed by Byron Bay, the Whitsundays, and Freycinet, Tasmania. All our candles are handmade in Bondi with 100% soy wax and cotton wick. They have a burn time of up to 60 hours. For optimal results from your candle, please read our Candle Care instructions.
Chapter 2 is all about our unisex personal fragrance ~ Raconteur X. Its all about Sydney summer love. We've again highlighted some amazing Australian native botanical elements and introduced some rare exotic elements to celebrate the wide diversity of love that finds a home in this marvellous city. 
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